There's no place like home! There's no place like home! Wait a minute - the Lake of the Ozarks sounds pretty appealing when you're in the midst of a very cold and snowy winter in Iowa! Though we still love our hometowns, we decided warmer temperatures, rolling hills, and a lake unlike any other, is where we wanted to be. Lake of the Ozarks, the "Midwest Coast" called to us in our dreams, so here we are!  

  Brian calls Cedar Rapids Iowa his hometown and Dee Dee was born and raised in Des Moines. We had both spent over ten years in corporate telecommunication sales and had risen to the top of our fields. Still, we needed a new challenge. We wanted something more. We wanted something for ourselves.  

  In early spring of 2006 we we're approached with a business opportunity to purchase an existing real estate team at RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks. For us, working hard with a specific purpose and goal in sight was nothing new. But now, we had the opportunity to focus our efforts on helping other people achieve their goals and dreams. It was clear to us that entering into the Real Estate profession would be a perfect fit. We had already grown to love the lake area on our vacations and weekend retreats, so we made the decision to make a life changing move. We said goodbye to Iowa and hello to The Lake of the Ozarks! 

 Since then, we've formed Jacobs Real Estate Partners, with RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks. Currently, we have three other full time sales agents on our team and are in the process of the recruiting one additional sales agent. We are please to have a full time administrative staff to assist in all closings and facilitate all of our property listings. Together as a team, we have taken the real estate market by storm and are now recognized as not only a top ranking team within RE/MAX, but a top ranking team in the state of Missouri.  

  We attribute our success and rapid ascent to a very simple philosophy: We have a responsibility to work with dedication, honesty, and integrity, in order to provide the very best experience for our clients.


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