Easy DIYs To Upgrade Your Home This Summer

Replace you plain ceiling light with a lamp shade. 

Replace your plain old ceiling light with a lampshade.

Hide Your TV wires with a shower curtain rod.

Hide your television wires in a shower curtain rod.

Dress up your windows with crown molding.

Dress up your windows with crown molding.

Add mirrors to doors and paint trim to match. This will  add a face-lift to a boring closet.

Or leave trim off of mirrors for bi-fold closet doors.

Or add unframed mirrors to bifold closet doors.


Use simple hardware from the store for chic accessories around the home.

Use simple brass hardware as curtain tie-backs.

Hang curtains closer to the ceiling for the illusion of added wall length, and bigger windows.

Hang curtains closer to the ceiling to give the illusion of bigger windows.

Add molding to the top of your kitchen cabinets, for a more dramatic/custom feel.

Double up on shower curtains so that you have to part them to get in. That makes for a grand looking shower when a guest enters the bathroom.

Double up on your shower curtains so they part instead of slide.

Make a rustic dining room table by attaching wooden planks.

Make a dining room table instantly more charming by attaching wood planks.

Make a plain built in beautiful with molding and a nail gun.

Make a boring cabinet look regal with molding.

Liquid stainless steel paint exists and you can paint appliances with it!

Make your bed like it is from an HGTV magazine.


Dress your bed like they do in the hotels.




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