The Partners Post October

Dear Guest,

Hello again from the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks!! And WOW! It truly is beautiful this time of year! We’ve had some amazing October weather with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine for most of the month, and the fall colors are truly spectacular! I really hope you’re able to be here to take it all in – Fall truly is one of the best seasons here at the Lake!

With Fall also comes a change in philosophy for most people regarding the lake area real estate market. But don’t be fooled by the “Off Season Myth”! Did you know that approximately 1/3 of all of the transactions closed for the year take place from October to March? If you’re thinking of selling your home don’t fall into the trap of waiting until Spring – you’re just going to have more competition then! There are still buyers coming to the Lake in the off season and you can bet that if they are coming here in the winter months – they WILL buy something! Don’t miss your chance to sell by sitting on the sidelines. One thing is absolutely certain – it can’t SELL if it’s not FOR SALE. So if you’ve thought about getting your home on the market don’t wait – call one of us today and we’ll be ready to go to work for you!

Thank you for stopping by and we’ll see you again soon!


Brian Jacobs
Team Leader
Jacobs Real Estate Partners


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