Why You NEED a Realtor©

“To use a Realtor© or not to use a Realtor©,” seems to be the question most people ask themselves when they think about buying a new home or selling their current one.  People, who decide against using a Realtor©, usually do because they want to save themselves the cost of commission. The reality is that most of the time people do not save themselves money; in fact most people will end up paying more for a house or selling their homes for less than it is worth without the help of an agent. Today 88% of buyers and sellers use a Realtor© and that has been steadily increasing each year. (National Association of Realtors©) You should never view an agent as an expense, but see a Realtor© as an investment. How can a Realtor© be an investment when I’m paying them? Realtors© have expertise in property values, they know real estate laws, they know the ins and outs of contracts, they have negotiating expertise, and they have access to resources to help you find your dream home.

They Are Experts in Home Evaluation
There are several reasons why Realtors© are experts at determining the market value of a home. First, Realtors© are neighborhood experts on real estate. This allows them to give buyers advice on neighborhoods based on how homes are holding their value, and helps sellers get top dollar for their home. Here at Jacobs we offer a free CMA, which is a home value assessment, so if you are considering selling and want to know what your home is worth, follow the link and find out today. Second, whether buying or selling a Realtor© can ensure an objective prospective during a process that can be very emotional.
They Know Where, What, When, and WHEN NOT to Sign Your Name

If anyone has ever bought a home or known someone
who has they will tell you that the amount of legal paperwork involved in buying and selling a home is very extensive and absolutely necessary. The number one reason people decide to use a Realtor© is, because the paperwork is complicated and hard to perform. (National Association of Realtors©
) One missed deadline or signature can mean the contract is voided or costs you money. Here at the Lake, Realtors© also have to understand how docks and dock permits pertain to the selling process of a home.  

They are Community Experts
Today cities have so many ordinances and many of them can affect the sale of a home, or impact a buyer’s offer on a home as well. Some of this information can be hard to find, especially if a client doesn’t even know where to start. Using a local Realtor© can make your life easier because they are will have the resources or contacts to help find the information a client may need.

They Are Excellent Negotiators
Negotiating is not a skill that people are born with; it is definitely a learned skill, and Realtors© have spent time developing their negotiation skills so that they can ensure their client gets the best deal possible for their property. It is true people can go it alone without the help of a Realtor©, but do not expect to get market value for your home. When buying a home a Realtor© can pull comps to help buyers make an informed decision so the buyer doe not over pay for their new home.  

They Have the Knowledge and Resources to Find Your DREAM Home

Finally, Realtors© have access to ALL the homes on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). If you are searching for a home without an agent you may be able to find some using online sources, like Zillow and Trulia, but previewing or finding them may prove more difficult. For example, here at the Lake many of the subdivisions do not allow any type of advertisement on the property so there will not be a sign in yard like traditionally seen. If you want true access to all the properties on the market a Realtor© is the only way to ensure you don’t miss your dream home.

There is a reason 88% of buyers and sellers decide to use a Realtor©. (Nationa lAssociation of Realtors©)  Unless you are ready to make buying or selling a home a part time and possibly full time job, using a Realtor© is a good investment. In fact in 2013 the average sale price for homes for sale by owner was $184,000 compared to $230,000 in Realtor© assisted sales. (National Association of Realtors©) Most times sellers do not save money by listing without a Realtor© and often time lose money because people expect a good deal and most people lack the much needed negotiation skills, and buyers lose money by not negotiating repair cost into the purchase price. The reality is, you need a Realtor© if you plan on buying or selling a home. Call us today and learn about our extensive marketing strategy to sell your home, and thanks for letting us be Your Partners at the Lake. 

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