Five Fun Tips To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching here at the Lake of the Ozarks and with Christmas comes parties and big family gatherings. The holiday season is supposed to bring joy and happiness to the community, but it can also cause stress for the people hosting all of these holiday festivities. Hosting parties and family gatherings is stressful because you have to not only plan food and entertainment, but also make sure your home is ready to receive your guests. Often times making food and planning eventful evenings is easier than decorating your house for the season, especially since putting up lights and decorations can be so time consuming (which seems to be our most valuable resource today). However I have five really easy decorating tips that can help you dress your home for the Holidays quick, fast, and easy, and make your home inviting for any potential buyer who may tour your home. Be sure to check out our Pinterestpage to see more holiday decorating ideas and instructions on how to make them. Another perk to making your own decorations, besides saving money, is spending time with your family making these decorations. Holiday decorating does not have to be complicated, use these five tips to make decorating your home for the holidays simple.
Add a Wreath
Wreaths seem to be a staple when it comes to decorating, but they can be costly. Modern décor is in, which means Christmas wreaths look different now, and are a lot easier to make. You can make a wreath out of almost anything Christmassy you have, for example, ornaments, presents, tinsel, and garland. One of the cutest ideas I found was a present gift box wreath. The only thing you need to make this is a wreath form or frame which usually cost less than $10, just choose the size you want. Find assorted sized smaller boxes and then wrap them in weather proof paper, unless you have a storm door then normal wrapping paper will work just fine. Make sure you pick colors you love, and add any ribbon or other decorations you like to the gift boxes. Then hot glue the wrapped boxes to the wooden frame. This is a great activity for the whole family, and all the kids can make wreaths for their bedroom doors with their names on them.

Pick a Theme

The first step in decorating for the holidays is picking a theme and corresponding color scheme. Usually when people think of Christmas they think of green, red, silver, and gold; but there are so many beautiful modern Christmas color schemes so don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. Once you pick a theme and color, it is super easy to choose your other accent pieces and décor. The link below takes you to Southern Living’s website where they have fifteen different Christmas color schemes that will make your home here at the Lake look stunning, especially to potential buyers who tour your home.
Dress the Table
One of the most important areas of the home is the dinner table. It is where most big family discussions happen and most importantly it’s where we eat. A tablecloth not only protects your table from little ones who like to cause mischief, but it also adds holiday cheer to your home. A lot of people use flashy tablecloths, but a simple elegant tablecloth with a stunning centerpiece that matches your theme is beautiful. There is always a season for a good tablecloth or centerpiece so this is something you can do year around and just change out you decorations. Glittery snowflakes are always a classic and are very versatile and fit in most color schemes.

Top the Table
The final touch you can add to the table is the centerpiece. The centerpiece is like a tree topper
because it pulls all the other decorations in the home together. The best part about centerpieces is that they can be made at home, which saves money and allows you to personalize the centerpiece to fit your space. Candy canes are a classic this time of year and they make great centerpieces. You will need hot glue, candy canes, a glass vase (does not need to be fancy), carnations, red ribbon, and one mint. Glue the candy canes to the outside of the vase, tie ribbon around the candy canes and then hot glue the mint in the middle of the bow. Finally add the carnations (real or fake, take your pick) and you have a simple but stunning centerpiece.
Accent, Accent, Accent
Finally after you have picked a theme, decorated your table, and made a few wreaths you are ready to add accents to your home. Adding accent pillows that match your color scheme to chairs or loveseats can tie everything together, but the unused Christmas tree ornaments that did not fit on the tree can be put to good use. They make great accent pieces when you put them in clear vases or platters and add a candle, greenery, or ribbon. Place them on mantles or open spaces on entertainment centers to complete your theme. Be sure to check out our Pinterest page to seem more fun crafty ideas to create accent pieces for your home here at the Lake.

We hope that these budget friendly decorating tips can help you finish up any decorating you have left, and give you some fun activities for the entire family. We hope you are all staying warm during this cold weather we have been having here at the Lake of the Ozarks. Thanks for letting us be Your Partners at the Lake.


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