Buyers, Your Offer Doesn’t Have to Stop With the House

It’s been a long haul to find the right property, and now you’re ready to make an offer. Perhaps it should include more than just the house.

Are you going to need a refrigerator – like the one that’s already there and matches the kitchen? That high-efficiency washer and dryer sure beats your old set. What you see as a treasure could be something the sellers see as a big hassle to move.

As you’re working with your real estate agent to finalize your offer, mention any household items you’re interested in and in what priority. Your agent has likely helped many other buyers get more than the roof over their heads.

And think beyond the more obvious items. Do you like the drapes and notice they were matched particularly to the house? That may mean it won’t work in the sellers’ new house, and perhaps there’s an opportunity to negotiate. Remember, there’s no harm in asking.

Find a RE/MAX agent who can help you find your perfect fit and submit a competitive offer.


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