Safety on the Water

The Lake of the Ozarks is a growing resort area with a myriad of activities that promise to make every family member’s vacation a happy memory.

For those who plan on spending time on the water, here are some courtesy and safety tips that will ensure everyone a great time:
1. Be aware of those around you.
    Drive on the right side of the channel or cove.
    Look before you turn.
    All boats have the responsibility to take whatever
    action necessary to avoid a collision or accident.
2. Wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket while water skiing and while operating a personal    watercraft. Small children or non-swimmers should wear life jackets at all times anywhere near or on the water.
3. Turn your lights on 30 minutes before sunset.
4. Operate your boat at a safe & prudent speed.
5. Newer boats have a safety cut off switch. Use it.
6. Upon refueling, check your engine compartment for spillage. Use your blower to expel fumes.
7. Get a voluntary inspection of your boat. The Water Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary provides this free of charge.
8. Take a boating safety course. (Available through the Water Patrol, the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Power Squadron, and online at Remember, experience is not always the best teacher.
9. Consideration should be given to equipping your boat with a marine radio or cellular phone.
10. Don’t drink and drive. A designated driver is as important on the water as on the land.
For more information, call:
Missouri State Water Patrol
PO Box 1368
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1368
573 -751-3333
Be aware, informed, safe and have a wonderful vacation at central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks

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