Jacobs Real Estate Partners – Client Testimonials

Testimonials About Our Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Team

We always ask our Lake of the Ozarks real estate clients to write or email us, and tell us truthfully how they appreciated our service to them.
Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about us…

Keith did a fabulous job……”

“Keith did a fabulous job advertising & presenting my home. He was inventive in other options such as trading down, etc. — all consistent efforts working on my behalf. House sold in 4 months.”

Denise W. gives Keith Rustand a 10!

“Dee Dee was great to work with in every way!

Dee Dee was great to work with in every way! She was high energy, upbeat, hardworking, dedicated and made it seem as though our sale was the most important thing she was working on. We have already recommended her.

I think Dee Dee did an outstanding job and really doesn’t need improvement feedback from our experience with her!”

Amy & Nick B. give Dee Dee Jacobs a 10!

“The Experience working with Tom was awesome! I feel we have a friend for life.”

Victor W. give Tom Longman a 10!

“Dee Dee always followed thru and did exactly as she promised!”

Alexis & Ken W. give Dee Dee Jacobs a 10!

“Our house sold in only 5 months fo a good price due to the excellent marketing and skill of my agent!”

Glenn L. give Peg Lorden a 10!

“We appreciated everything Tammy did for us in finding us the perfect home!”

Alan W. give Tammy Baird a 10!

“Keith was very helpful during our transaction. Alway ready to explain what was happing. Peg was helpful answering our questions during close.”

Richard & Marie K. give Keith Rustand and Peg Lorden a 10!

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